Winter Rains and Snow Welcomed

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how the heavy recent rains in the Valley and snow in the Sierras will affect the 2024 walnut crop. The bottom line: we love the rain and, especially, the snow! The walnut trees are still enjoying their winter sleep (or dormancy) for about another six weeks or so. During this time, it’s great to get a deep soaking on the soils as walnut trees are deep-rooted—and it’s too early for the spring insects and diseases we battle to have any effect on the crop, which isn’t even on the trees yet. Our brethren in the almond industry are a little more concerned, however, since almonds bloom at least a month before walnuts. The early almond bloom is still at least a week away, which also means the rain is not having a negative impact on the 2024 almond crop. Heavy rains in late February or early March, however, would certainly have an impact.