We're growers first

Welcome to GoldRiver Orchards! The Bartons have been growing walnuts in the San Joaquin Valley since 1912—and now we invite you to join us. GoldRiver Orchards is meticulous in proffering outstanding quality to its customers. But to do that consistently, we need the same great quality from our growers. We pay top returns, we pay our growers consistently and on time—and we never, ever stop the growers’ harvest. At GoldRiver Orchards, we understand the needs of the grower. After all, we were growers first—and we always will be.

GoldRiver Orchards welcomes the opportunity to work with other walnut growers in California. While GoldRiver Orchards processes walnuts, our sister company—Barton Ranch, Inc.—represents our core business, which is growing walnuts.

We were growers first, having established our first walnut orchard nearly a hundred years ago. We still farm walnuts on that original ranch and on ground that our grandfather and great grandfather cleared with a horse and a plow.

For that reason, we understand the unique pressures and needs of growers. California is blessed with an almost perfect climate for the production of specialty crops. The ability to apply just the right amount of water when the orchards need it—coupled with sunshine and deep alluvial soils—make California a superb growing location.

But there is another side to California agriculture that is undeniable: excessive and burdensome regulation, one of the highest tax rates in the nation, and continuous challenges foisted upon growers from the state and federal governments. As small businesspeople, growers need a processor who not only understands their issues, but can offer help and timely assistance and—most importantly—an outstanding return for the crop they work so hard to produce.