Our Values

As growers ourselves, we understand the vital importance of maintaining absolute honesty with everyone we work with—our suppliers, our employees, our customers, and most importantly—our growers. Growers are often presented with numerous promises, which are easily made and just as easily broken.

At GoldRiver Orchards, we make very few promises, but we regard the ones we do make as inviolable. For instance, we provide our growers with the average prices of each variety every year. This allows them to compare their returns with the average returns of all GoldRiver growers. We avoid manipulating the numbers by reporting returns for the “top 30%” or dividing returns into tiers. Instead, we simply present our growers with the facts, enabling them to make a straightforward and valid comparison.

We provide superior quality products to our customers worldwide. We pursue the highest standards of excellence through responsible and innovative stewardship of the land, assets and relationships entrusted to our care.